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BVA Council reps 'shocked but not surprised by discrimination findings

Following an ‘unprecedented’ response to BVA’s recent surveys on discrimination in the workplace, BVA Council members were asked how the Association could help address the issues raised.

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Microchip scanning position updated

Council members were asked to approve an updated BVA policy position on microchip scanning and databases.

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Council news in brief

Telemedicine and the RCVS

Several Council reps reported that members in their regions were concerned that the RCVS was ‘doing things behind closed doors’ regarding telemedicine and its review of ‘under care’ and 24/7 cover. They were looking for reassurance that the profession would be thoroughly consulted on these issues. BVA President Simon Doherty said the RCVS had assured BVA there was ‘no conspiracy’ and that it was committed to pan-professional consultation and engagement. BVA will be engaging with members as the issues progress.

Prioritising welfare issues to focus resources

Cathy Dwyer, director of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education, attended the Council meeting by invitation to describe the recent Delphi study she and her team had carried out for the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF). The study aimed to identify and rank animal welfare issues to help the AWF prioritise the funds it has available...

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Feather pecking, rabbit housing and fireworks policy positions approved

Subject to minor amendments, Council members approved new BVA policy positions on feather pecking in poultry and on the housing of rabbits. Both issues had been identified as priority welfare problems as part of the BVA Animal Welfare Strategy.

Following some discussion, the Council also agreed a revised position on fireworks, which expresses BVA’s support for further restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks to safeguard animal health and welfare.

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