Raymond Geor

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Professor Raymond Geor is an internationally recognised veterinary science specialist with clinical and research interests in equine medicine, nutrition and exercise science. In April 2015, Professor Geor became the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Sciences at Massey University leading the College activity across agriculture and environment, veterinary and biomedical sciences, natural and fundamental sciences, and engineering. Previously, Professor Geor had spent the past 30 years in North America in various academic roles, most recently as the Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University, Michigan and . In recent years, his research and publications have been related to the understanding of obesity and Equine Metabolic Syndrome in horses, and how it may relate to laminitis, as well as more than 180 other research papers in equine nutrition and physiology. Professor Geor graduated from Massey University with Bachelor Veterinary Sciences in 1983 and went on to complete a large animal internship at Murdoch University Veterinary School in Perth Australia before heading to North America to take up a residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine, followed by a Masters in Veterinary Sciences from the University of Saskatchewan, and a PhD in Physiology from The Ohio State University. He also has advanced training and board certification in three disciplines administered by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (large animal internal medicine; nutrition; equine sports medicine and rehabilitation).