Michela Minero

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Department of Veterinary Science and Public Health
The University of Milan
Short biography
Michela Minero is originally from Borgosesia, a village located in the Western Italian Alps, but moved to Milano to attend university at the Veterinary Faculty where she works now. Michela qualified as a DVM in 1994 defending a thesis about the welfare of therapeutic riding horses. She worked as a horse practitioner before going to Gent (Belgium) to do research about cribbing under the guidance of Prof Frank Ödberg. Horses and donkeys have always represented a genuine passion for her and she found hard to choose between a career as a clinician and the curiosity about equine behaviour. She is still interested in researching topics where the two areas may be combined. She attended the Specialisation School in Applied Ethology and Welfare of Domestic Animals and got a PhD in Animal Science and Applied Ethology in Milano. Her PhD research aimed to identify the main aspects of breeding affecting the horse welfare and valid and reliable welfare parameters. In 2006 she received a diploma at the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine – Companion Animals (ECVBM-CA) and in 2007 she became a researcher at the Dipartimento di Scienze Animali.