Slapton Research Seminar

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Saturday 23 November 2019
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Field Studies Council
Slapton, Devon

Located on the spectacular Start Bay coastline, Slapton Ley is the largest freshwater lake in the South West, with the shingle beach of Slapton Sands running between the Ley and the sea. Behind is situated a contrasting mix of ancient woodland, open pasture and dense reed beds, all of which constitute Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. Nestled next to the reserve is the village of Slapton itself, and Slapton Ley Field Centre, run by the Field Studies Council which manages the Nature Reserve, and also hosts residential school and university visits from all across the country who come to carry out field work in these diverse surroundings.

For over 30 years the Nature Reserve and Field Centre have hosted an annual research seminar to provide a platform for a wide variety of research interests linked to this area. The research seminar aims to engage academics, the local community, FSC staff, partners, stakeholders and members with current research issues, and to connect Slapton with wider regional and national research issues and communities.

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