6th International Colloquium on Working Equids

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Monday 29 November 2010 - Thursday 2 December 2010
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The Brooke
New Delhi, India

The 6th International Colloquium on Working Equids will take place at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India, from 29th November to 2nd December 2010, with an optional field day on 3rd December.

Since 1991 the International Colloquium on Working Equids has been an important forum for updating and discussing the most important issues related to working donkeys, horses and mules. As half of the world's 44 million donkeys are used for work in Asia, India provides a significant and exciting venue for this colloquium.

The aim of the 2010 colloquium is to bring together the world of working equids, from animal scientists and project managers, to veterinarians and policy makers, with disciplines such as international development, social sciences, human health and education. By doing so, those involved with in the care and utilisation of working equids will explore new approaches to benefit both animals and their owners in the developing world. This four-day conference therefore provides an excellent opportunity to exchange experience and ideas, learn from each other, share best practices and ultimately benefit working donkeys, horses and mules world-wide.

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