ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop: Physical Cognition and Problem Solving

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Wednesday 27 June 2012 - Thursday 28 June 2012
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Birmingham, UK

Problems are a central part of the lives of humans and non-human animals, and the challenge of solving them in both physical and social realms has driven the evolution of cognitive adaptations in a diverse range of taxa and artificial agents. Physical cognition, or 'folk physics', is a common sense understanding of the physical world around us and how different objects interact with each other. How do individuals solve problems and process the vast complexity of their surrounding environment?

The topic of physical problem-solving is inherently interdisciplinary, bringing together researchers from several fields. They share a common interest in the nature of cognitive architectures, how they may have evolved phylogenetically and how they develop over an individual's lifetime. This may be investigated through controlled experiments with human children (psychology), field observations and captive studies of animals (zoology) and the design of behaviourally flexible, interactive robots, able to explore and learn about their environment (computer sciences).

The aim of this workshop is to provide an excellent networking opportunity for both post-graduate students and senior-level scientists working in the field of cognition. It will provide excellent potential for delegates to forge new links with researchers from other institutions and disciplines, particularly for younger academics.

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